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Emperysolar:A Decade of Dreams, Gratitude in Companionship, Advancing Hand in Hand, Creating Brilliance Once Again
Jan 28 , 2024

On the evening of January 27, 2024,, Emperysolar celebrated the company's tenth-anniversary gala, marking a moment filled with joy and nostalgia. The journey of ten years, encapsulated in laughter and cheers that evening, left us with hearts full of gratitude for the companionship and efforts of each colleague.

A Decade of Dreams:

Ten years ago, with aspirations for the future, we founded this company. The dream back then, like a newly born seed, required careful nurturing and diligent watering. Today, that seed has sprouted, grown strong, becoming a tall tree witnessing our struggles and endeavors.

Gratitude in Companionship:

During the celebration night, we felt the warmth and cohesion of the company family even more deeply. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of each colleague in this big family, it is the synergy and collective effort that have led to the brilliance of the company today. Gratitude in companionship, thank you for your companionship along this journey.

Advancing Hand in Hand:

For a decade, we have been advancing hand in hand, facing challenges together. Whether it was market fluctuations or fierce competition, we stood closely united, overcoming one challenge after another. This team strength gives us more determination and confidence to face future challenges and move towards a brighter future.

Creating Brilliance Once Again:

At the celebration, we collectively reviewed the achievements of the past ten years, but we also understand that brilliance is not the end but a new beginning. In the days to come, we will continue to innovate and strive for new brilliance. We believe that with concerted efforts and hard work, the future will be even more splendid.

Preserving the Initial Aspiration:

The success of the company is rooted in each colleague's adherence to the initial aspiration. Ten years ago, we established the company with the initial intention of creating an outstanding enterprise, providing customers with quality products and services. Today, we must always maintain reverence for this initial aspiration, making it the driving force for our progress and guiding us towards a broader future.

Writing a New Chapter:

The performances prepared by various departments at the celebration showcased the rich team culture of the company. We laughed and celebrated together, basking in the festive atmosphere. The lottery session illuminated the entire celebration, making every participating colleague feel the warmth of the company family. Let us carry this unique team culture and jointly write a new chapter.

Thank you to every guest for attending, and thank you to every colleague for your hard work. In the next ten years, let us continue to move forward hand in hand, collectively writing a brilliant chapter that belongs to us. May the future of the company be even more prosperous, and may our dreams continue to shine brightly!

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